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Individual Course Options

What Our Graduates Say

“I am combining acupressure, yoga and holistic nutrition to create my practice and a platform for other practitioners. I am doing it all virtually! So, at times teaching others how to use acupressure on themselves. What I love the most is what I learned about seasons in relation to organs and emotions and the diagnostic tools including my own intuition that were taught which I use in my own life and to help others.” – Chelsea C Graduate

Individual Course Options

Learners who are undecided as to whether they wish to commit to either of the programs of Acupressure or Chair Massage may “test the waters” by enrolling in any of the following courses without any obligation. If after completing a course or several courses you wish to pursue either of the Diploma programs, credit will be given for the courses taken upon your enrollment.

It is also an opportunity for practitioners of other modalities and other fields of the healing arts to add further training in a specific area to their current background. A Certificate of Completion for each course will be issued upon fulfilling course requirements.

Course number, name, hours, fees and BCATA and CMTBC continuing education credits are listed.

All #100/500 courses require full payment upon application.

All #100/500 courses may be commenced at any time. 

101 – Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology

20 hours

Learn to locate basic bones and muscles of the human body including the origin and insertions of the muscles. An overview of the integumentary, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive systems is presented. Common disease conditions of the major systems will be covered.

Cost: $335.00

Credits: 15  NHPC, 18 BCATA


102/502 – Ethics

6 hours

Introduces values, ethics and boundaries regarding the client/practitioner relationship. Topics covered include a process for making ethical decisions and exploring the Code of Ethics from the AMTWP.

Cost: $135.00

Credits: 2.5 NHPC, 6 BCATA


103/503 – Communications

8 hours

In order to be effective practitioners, student need to be able to create rapport with their clients through effective communication skills. Focus will be on basic skills for interviewing clients, creating safety, basic, basic listening skills of empathy, reflection and non-judgemental feedback. Charting for professional and legal purposes will be covered.

Cost: $175.00

Credits: 10 NHPC, 6 BCATA


104/504 – Business Start Up Principles

13.5 hours

Students will be introduced to business and administrative procedures required to create a professional practice. Topics covered include sales, customer care, basic bookkeeping and hygiene.

Cost: $265.00

Credits: 10 NHPC, 12 BCATA


The Relaxfast! Chair Massage Program

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Individual Courses may be enrolled in, at January 3, 2023!
#101 Anatomy & Physiology, #502/102 Ethics, #503/103 Communications, or #504/104 Business Start-up Principles. Enroll in each course as you have the fees and the time commitment. The tuition fees, dollar for dollar, and credits will be awarded to the Relaxfast! Chair Massage Program and Five Elements Acupressure Program.