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RelaxFast!™ Chair Massage Diploma

What Our Graduates Say

The Relaxfast!™ Chair Massage program gave me the boost of confidence in my business skills that was needed to progress to a professional level. It provided the support and knowledge I was missing to build a solid foundation and grow in my profession.  Kathy’s knowledge was such an asset for teaching about all the details that made setting up, a clear and simple step by step process.  The chair massage blend that is taught is very well received in the community whether it be at businesses or markets, the 15 minute sequence leaves all feeling better than before and very content. I am happy and so are my clients! – Krista J Graduate

RelaxFast!™ Chair Massage Diploma

RelaxFast!™ Chair Massage Diploma

The RelaxFast!™ Chair Massage Diploma Program is designed for those who wish to work in the health care field relieving stress on-site. Whether you are an entry-level applicant who wishes to begin a career in the healthcare field or a graduate of other bodywork modalities the program equips you with the specialized skills unique to Chair Massage.

RelaxFast!™ Chair Massage brings an in-depth understanding of acupressure points and meridians as well as five element associations to the massage techniques. Using these principles, graduates are qualified to meet more diverse needs of their clients in the chair.

The three parts of the theoretical and technical training consist of:

Part I

  • Basic sequence on standard and massage chairs.
  • Body mechanics for practitioners.
  • Safety for all clients — moving on and off the chair.

Part II

  • Meridians, acu-points, Five Elements
  • Specific points for common conditions such as knee pain, hip pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, etc.

Part III

  • Adaptations for special interest groups.
  • Elder Care, Persons in Wheelchairs or Beds, Persons with Disabilities — physical or mental.
  • Special technique precautions for compromised clients.
  • Effective communication for special interest clients and their caregivers.
  • Specific point combinations for balance problems, arthritis, stiffness, etc.

With over twenty (20) years of practical and training experience, the college will guide you through a comprehensive course of study that meets certification requirements. This program is delivered through distance learning and externship (practice hours), allowing you to continue to work at your employment in your home town.

Upon graduation you will be qualified to offer your skills to the general public or seek employment as a Relaxfast!™ Chair Massage Practitioner who instills safety and confidence to your clients.

Because this program is recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, you may apply to this national organization for membership which includes professional liability insurance.

Registered by the Private Training Institutions Board, ensuring that your training and College has met the maximum regulations for private career colleges in the Province.

Additional topics covered include:

  • Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Techniques and sequences
  • Standard and massage chair routines
  • Ethics and scope of practice
  • Business
  • Communications



Admission Requirements:

To download Admission Requirements as a .pdf, click here.

Case Studies by Students

Post-operative Relief for Knee Replacement


Eligible for 15 Continued Competency Credits for NHPC

Dates: March 15, June 15 and November 15, 2024

Enrolment Deadline: 10 Days Prior to Start Date

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Module 1 Courses may be enroled in on July 15, 2024!
#101 Anatomy & Physiology, #502/102 Ethics, #503/103 Communications,  #504/104 Business Start-up Principles or #505/105 Contraindications. The tuition fees, dollar for dollar, and credits will be awarded to the Relaxfast!™ Chair Massage Program and Five Elements Acupressure Program.